Off-Grid Homesteading Club

Hosted by Tao Paul Wimbush, co-founder of the Lammas Ecovillage, off-grid pioneer, this club offers an affordable way to learn about setting up an off-grid smallholding/ living on the land/ connecting with the natural world. 

From this club you will get...

Practical Solutions

Learn how to create sustainable systems so that your land can support you, minimising inputs and maximising outputs


Get the inside story on what works and what doesn't so that you can avoid common mistakes and learn from others successes 

Supportive Community

Join a network of like-minded people interested in exploring what  sustainable living looks like in reality.

Imagine Living Off-Grid, Becoming Self-Sufficient and Connecting with Nature

Joining our club will help you with the skills, knowledge, and community to make this dream a reality.

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