Natural Shamanism Practitioner Course | May 2025 Deposit

This practitioner training is YOUR OWN personal Spiritual Journey into your innate relationship with yourself and your world. You'll be encouraged throughout to listen deeply and follow your own personal truth, to take full responsibility for yourself, to really listen to your heart, to what feels natural and good to your being, and learn how your intuition is speaking with you.

Throughout your journey you'll be balancing the elements within, becoming Still, aligned and Sacredly Aware in the heart of all creation. This Presence will stabilise through your training. You will begin to work with theseembodied tools to bring balance, peace and harmony to people & places.

Skills you’ll learn include:

~ Working with Shamanic Tools for profound healing

~ Creating Safe & Sacred working practices

~ Designing & Holding Sacred Ceremony

~ Healing with Hoppi's Energy Healing Map

~ Connecting with Minerals, Plants, Animals and Place

~ Clearing & Blessing with Aroma and Fragrance

~ Cleansing & Balancing with energy amplifiers

~ Living in balance with the Four Elements within

~ Aligning in Sacred Source

What People Are Saying:

The School of Natural Shamanism is a journey of healing the deepest wounds and finding bliss, by learning to be at service to Great Spirit


My experience of the Natural Shamanism Course has been one of Remembering who I Am.. who We All are. I have felt a gentle unfolding of My Heart, and a steady letting Go of negative ego patterns. The course provides practical and visionary tools to enable deep healing and connection to Magic and Mystery.


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