Sacred Sound Healer Practitioner Training



Study to be a Sound Healing Practitioner in this prestigious training with Hoppi Wimbush. You will be guided in entering a world where vibration and resonance become your medicine. Facilitating clients in making powerful paradigm shifts is a humbling path that requires you to become profoundly still and centred within.

Applications are welcome for a Spring and Autumn Training each year. Spaces are limited to ensure quality and depth of experience so apply early as places fill very quickly!

This journey can only ever start with YOU. If you are ready to make leaps on your own soul's journey, then this is the path for you.


~ 2 x 4 Day Dynamic In person Trainings

~ You study & practice 10 modules

~ We enjoy monthly live group calls by Zoom

~ 4 case studies a month (32 in total)

~ Written work 600-1000 words per month

~ Study period 12 months

~ Purchase Sound Healing Tools for your practice

~ Monthly Payment plans are possible.

Your training begins with a 4 day in-person dynamic intensive at the Lammas Earth Centre with Hoppi. This is a highly practical journey backed with solid science and a good theoretical base. Then follows your own journey with practical studies as you embody and build on each module.There follows a second 4 day in-person intensive where your sound healing practice is taken to another level again. There are 10 modules in total to study throughout the entire 12 months. You are required to submit 4 case studies every month for 9 months. You are tutored in how to hold really creative, original sound baths with evidence submissions required to ensure your sound baths are second to non. In addition, you'll be guided in how to create a conscious business model, how to market and brand your sound healing services to the world in a way that is vibrant and authentically true to your Soul Essence. Not only this, you will be trauma informed and able to hold deeply sacred healing spaces for your clients.

“After finally giving up plumbing and heating I was somehow guided to Hoppi. I enrolled on her Sound Healing course, which was in fact a journey of discovery, not just of sound but of myself. I found myself in such a profound way and it transformed life, completely changing my whole perspective on life itself.
I graduated February 2023 and that's when my new life and future began - helping people¬†heal. Meeting Hoppi and enrolling on the Sound Healing course gave me my life back and it¬†just keeps on giving. God bless you Hoppi.‚ÄĚ Dave

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With successful completion you will be qualified to practice as a Sound Healing Practitioner licenced by the School of Natural Shamanism and accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (provided all case studies and payments are complete).

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Month 1

2 x 4 Day Intensive In-Person Training covering all modules & much more

Month 2

Working with Voice through Bijas and Swaras for Clearing, Balancing and Grounding

Month 3

Working with Contact and Tonal forks to balance and align the bodyand being

Month 4

Himalayan bowls including Sonic Massage

Month 5

Crystal Bowls with Musical intervals & the Chakra tones of the body

Month 6

Shamanic Drum and Rattle for ancestral healing and visioning

Month 7

Creative bespoke healing working with unique combinations of  tools

Month 8

Gongs, floomie work, Gong maps and pioneering Sonic Mysticism incl. solfeggios

Month 9

Sound Baths inc. how to create & hold sacred healing for groups

Month 10

Conscious Business, marketing, insurance, final submission of case studies

Month 11

Trauma Informed Practice plus submission of case studies



Licencing, accreditation, Insurance, personal business launch







Payment in full £2950

Down payment £250

12 Month Payment Plan £225 pm

*Limited to 8 places per course


Hearty Lunch is provided on each day of the 2 x 4 In-person Intensives.

Breakfast and Dinner is self-catering.

Camping is free, local B&B list will be provided. We encourage all the course participants to book accommodation together which deeply enhances bonding and relationships for all the course participants.


First Online Call
1st March 2025
In-Person Trainings at the Lammas Earth Centre
20-23 March 2025
26-29 July 2025

Graduation, Licencing and Accreditation
7th Feb 2026
(subject to passing all case studies and payment of fees)

Live group zooms on the first Tuesday of each month.

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"Although I have always been drawn to the healing power of sacred sound, I was nervous about training to become a Sound Healing Practitioner. Hoppi is so knowledgable and re-assuring that the training was an absolute joy. I have been privileged to be part of this journey. The benefits for clients are amazing."  Les, Ex Police officer
"I unreservedly recommend Hoppi’s training programmes. The depth of her healing knowledge and wisdom is profound. Her training programmes are utterly transformational."  Debs, Child Protection Lawyer


Hoppi has been healing, teaching and transforming lives for nearly three decades, working with sound, cellular healing, creativity, spiritual counselling, emotional intelligence and nature.

Her accredited Sound Healer Practitioner Training supports people who are called to work with the profound magic of sound vibration, frequency and resonance.

This Practitioner Training is a branch of Hoppi's School of Natural Shamanism. Hoppi is a founding member of the Lammas Ecovillage and the co-founder of the Lammas Earth Centre in Pembrokeshire, Wales where all trainings are held.

The Lammas Earth Centre is a training provider for the International School of Holistic Medicine - all courses are accredited, licensed and insured by IPHM.

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