What People say about our Courses

Natural Shamanism Practitioner Training

"My experience of The Natural Shamanism Course has been one of Remembering who I Am..who We All are. I have felt a gentle unfolding of My Heart, and a steady letting Go of negative ego patterns.The course provides practical and visionary tools to enable deep healing and connection to Magic and Mystery." - Gerry
"The School of Natural Shamanism has given me knowledge and tools to take a deep dive into Self and to activate my soul’s essence through the love that is within us all. I started the journey with ego work to peel back the layers of conditioning with deep awareness... journeying and meeting our guides, working with the drum and rattle, bodywork and sound healing and using the creative imagination to assist in healing. It's been truly incredible." - Tashi
"I am about half way through the shamanic practitioner course and Hoppi takes great care to support each of us to learn the tools deeply and embody them through regular practice. The residential weeks are fun but also appropriately challenging. Learning with like minded people has been hugely rewarding and we are now a close family. What has really blown my mind was that this course has opened up a portal in me that has allowed me to truly understand myself and deeply start to heal. That I wasn’t expecting. The journey is never easy but it is profoundly rewarding. This is a truly transformational experience in every way." - Anne-Marie, Medical Doctor
"I am part way through the Natural Shamanism Practitioner Course with Hoppi. It is a fantastic course covering energy healing techniques, tools, auric tear repairs, intrusion extractions, working with plant, animal and mineral energies for healing. Hoppi has incredible knowledge and I am forever grateful to her for allowing me to be part of this profound journey. Truly life changing for the better. Can't recommend this course enough." - HD, Police Officer
"Nine months ago, I embarked on a transformative journey with Hoppi’s Natural Shamanism course, and it has unequivocally reshaped my understanding of spiritual realms and inner healing. The course brings together ancient traditions with contemporary insights, creating a rich tapestry of wisdom and practices. Hoppi has a profound knowledge and genuine commitment to our growth. Through various drum journeys, rituals, and meditations, I’ve gained invaluable tools for personal transformation and healing. This journey has been more than just an education; it has been a profound awakening. For those seeking depth, authenticity, and profound spiritual growth, this course is a beacon of light and highly recommended!" - Fed, Naturopathic nutritionist

Caroline Thomas


Geraldine Noott
Shiatsu Practitioner & Dog Walker


Laurence Hardy


Caroline Thomas

Geraldine Noott
Shiatsu Practitioner & Dog Walker

Laurence Hardy

Tashi Pritchard
Massage & Yoga Therapist

"Epic journey of practical deep ancestral healing, using love as the greatest tool to overcome every obstacle." - Laurence


"The School of Natural Shamanism is a journey of healing the deepest wounds and finding bliss by learning to be at service to great spirit." - Jenny


"The teachings from The School of Natural Shamanism have guided me to deep connection with the non human world and how to source and transmute energy for the highest good" - Caroline
"The School of Natural Shamanism is a unique and organic training in contemporary shamanism. Online sessions are enriched by retreats held at Lammas in Pembrokeshire, with opportunities to learn about sweatlodge, breathwork, feather magic, sound healing, drumming and so much more. I am learning a lot which is personally enriching while developing skills as a practitioner. Love imbues it all!" - Sandi

Sound Healer Practitioner Training

"After finally giving up plumbing and heating I was somehow guided to Hoppi. I enrolled on her Sound Healing course, which was in fact a journey of discovery, not just of sound but of myself.  found myself in such a profound way and it transformed life, completely changing my whole perspective on life itself.
I graduated February 2023 and that's when my new life and future began - helping people heal. Meeting Hoppi and enrolling on the Sound Healing course gave me my life back and it just keeps on giving. God bless you Hoppi."
- Dave, Plumber

Joe Jordan


Ruth Roots


Joe Jordan

Ruth Roots

Dave Johnson

"Although I have always been drawn to the healing power of sacred sound, I was nervous about training to become a Sound Healing Practitioner. Hoppi is so knowledgable and re-assuring that the training was an absolute joy. I have been privileged to be part of this journey. The benefits for clients are amazing." - Les, Ex Police officer


"I unreservedly recommend Hoppi’s training programmes. The depth of her healing knowledge and wisdom is profound. Her training programmes are utterly transformational." - Debs, Child Protection Lawyer


"I'm being totally mindblown by the sessions and the feedback I'm getting too from my case studies." - Imogen Townley


"I feel I'm alive again and reborn to this beautiful planet and I feel a part of the infinite universe. I just know I will go on and on healing people with troubled lives. Sound has finally brought me to my home path." - Dewi Johnson


"Hoppi holds this DYNAMIC and layered sacred sound healing activation course with her living wisdom & guidance, immaculate integrity and great warmth. I felt so utterly safe and held that I was able to go deeper than ever before with my own healing process. That’s a HUGE deal... and we’ve only Just begun." - Belinda Ray

Plant Spirit Inititations

"Thank you for these pictures Hoppi...thank you for this weekend, thank you for your wisdom and for showing me how to tune into the wisdom of Grandfather Oak, thank you for your your magical land and all the inspiration that it brings, thank you for helping to crack me open in ways that I didn't know were possible... I will be eternally grateful." - Rachel Wong
"It was a brilliant retreat, I enjoyed the beautiful space, fantastic musicians singing and sound healings, roaring fire and the magestic King Oak ! Hoppi you held a magical space. Thankyou xxx" - Shanna Mandira
"I would love to once again express my deepest and loving gratitude to you and Tao for welcoming us to your beautiful sacred and loving land. The pure light radiating from you all will eventually reach the whole of this sacred Earth and out deep into the cosmos. Through your invitation to Oak and guidance throughout I did received what I asked for, I received the energy needed to unblock and unchain the burdens that took away my voice. And through this gift I have finally been able to have an honest conversation with my true self and in turn finally with the ones closest to me. My heart sings once again and forever will to the vibration of truth and love! Sending Love you you all." - Jay Pembridge
"THANK YOU HOPPI! for such a beautiful journey, for the immaculate preparation and guidance for the in-home part and the impeccable space holding music and love. Thank you for all the magic." - Jez Tozer
"Again I’m speechless!! Thankyou just doesnt cut it!! Amazing, amazing, amazing! Daisy and Gwyn loved it too! Hopefully my girls will come next year now that Daisy’s been!" - Geraldine Noott
"Just wanted to say Thank you for the amazing retreat my husband and I attended, it has changed my life in an unbelievable way. I had lost my connection to the earth and more importantly to myself, I have come home with a sense of love for myself that I had buried deep down within me. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you and your gorgeous facilitators, the music and your voices... I still dream of it, sending you all the love." - Berni
"I've been floating around on a cloud of love and joy all day and even seemed be more productive and happy at work. So much love and gratitude to you all for bringing me to this wonderful place I am in." - Katy
"Ahhhhh this is the most beautiful group...What beauty & love to wake up to. I feel so warm as I¬†see & read all your shares. Thank you for your generosity and abundant love. I am deeply honoured¬†& humbled to have met & shared our weekend with you all. I am always so grateful and¬†humbled to be led to others who are fearlessly ‚Äúdoing the work‚ÄĚ and as I was so clearly shown¬†this weekend‚Ķ If we are not afraid it cannot hurt us." -¬†Anna
"I am still processing this weekend and what went on for me personally, wow it was ALOT. I feel very tender but very hopeful. The love from all of you is undeniable and I am so happy to have met you all." - Hannah
I feel so unbelievably humbled to have been able to connect with such incredible and beautiful people. How very lucky I am! I feel so much love and admiration for every single one of you, and hope for your continuation of your healing journeys."
- Katy B

Off-Grid Homesteading

Thank you, you are amazing and a true inspiration of how to live a full, honest and happy life." - Karen W


"Thank you so much for looking after us this week! It has been far, far more than I ever hoped it would be. I’ve learned loads and remembered how to be alive. Your kindness and the magic of Lammas is a beacon of hope for the world." - Mel


"Thanks for creating such a warm, welcoming, soothing and totally inspiring ecology here at Lammas. It's truly magical to be here with you sharing all this future bound intelligence and beauty." - Bitte Goldman


"Thank you for sharing with us and welcoming us into your home and heart. This is an inspirational place and has taught me so much. I am very grateful, Thank you." - Jane D


"Thank you, you are amazing and a true inspiration of how to live a full, honest and happy life." - Karen W


"Thank you, I've been having dark times recently and I looked at this as a kind of retreat. Not its purpose but exactly what it's been for me. Your love and warmth have been amazing. Thank you." - Lowri John


"Thank you for helping to provide a fantastic experience. I’ve had a great time and have learned loads." - Mehul


"Thank you so much for looking after us this week! It has been far, far more than I ever hoped it would be. I’ve learned loads and remembered how to be alive. Your kindness and the magic of Lammas is a beacon of hope for the world." - Mel


"Your dream is beautiful. It's manifestation just glorious. Thank you for showing us, inspiring me and being a wellspring of love and hope for all." - Karen

Drum Birthing Workshops

"I’ve been waiting for the right person to build my drum with. This has been a very real, very big journey and the finished article is just a small part of what I’m taking away with me and I am very, very happy." - Rachel May


"The symbolism of each element in my drum is so rich with meaning and depth for me. I have found and now know my sacred inner sound - I’m feeling so grateful." - Melanie Glickman


"From start to finish it was a beautiful journey for me. I was surprised how small tasks became big metaphors for my life. This was so much fun - WOW!" - Mica


"I feel enriched by the whole process in so many ways. This experience has given me much deeper meaning than just building a drum and I can’t wait to play!" - Nigel Leach


"Beautiful day, with beautiful people on a beautiful land. Thank you so much Hoppi for creating this wonderful safe container for all of us whilst making our drums. Your energy is contagious and I already miss Lammas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Jan Heller


"Thanks to you Hoppi I am so grateful to you for sharing your wonderful gifts and for holding this space for us all." - Claire Cameron


"Thank you for opening up your sacred space and welcoming us all in with love. Offering a safe place for us to be able to create such magical and unique drums. Thank you so much Hoppi for the time and making sure we loveded our drums before we left. You are a truly gifted person" - Natalie Philips

Off-Grid Consultancy with Tao Wimbush

"I felt extremely lucky to have Tao on board with my OPD application. His knowledge and expertise made the process much lesso verwhelming and time consuming. Quick to respond to emails and very approachable, I would thoroughly recommend Tao for anyone considering the OPD journey." - Emma Rodell


"Between 2019-2022 Tao Wimbush, prepared TP1 drawing for the documentation for the conveyance of the purchase of my land. Tao also prepared a comprehensive set of detailed drawings to accompany my application to include drawings for specific structures and site plan, following this Tao provided guidance, specific text, advice and a series of contacts for myself during the preparation and submission of my One Planet Development application with support through out the assessment period of my planning application. Through out all the work which Tao undertook on my behalf, I found him professional, efficient and cost effective in the services he provided, and would recommend Tao services to other individuals with similar projects." - Stephen De-Waine
"Tao is very approachable, knowledgeable, and efficient. He is easy to work with in regards to planning developments/ applications.   Tao's assistance was invaluable when it came to building design and planning drawings, especially the technical side of putting everything together for that professional look. We highly recommend Tao, our fellow earth loving friend." - Charleen Armitage


"Tao is an inspiration. He supported us to turn our dream into reality with a very realistic approach.
He helped us discover what was possible and with his wealth of knowledge and experience.
He gave us the information we needed to vision our One Planet Life, get planning permission and live on our land." - Salena Walker
"Tao helped guide us to find our land, gave us such valuable support and encouragement.
He helped us visualise how we could make our dreams work in realistic, practical ways and we now are living our dream,
with planning permission in our dream home
." - Peni Ediker

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